“An organization built on empowerment, accountability and shared intentionality accomplishes extraordinary business results as employees contribute in pursuit of personal and organizational excellence.

Remarkable things happen when individuals throughout the organization feel truly empowered to thrive at the intersection of high performance and purpose.”

 -  Angela Donnelly | Founder of Corethentic

Success in the modern business environment requires creativity, critical-thinking, agility, courage, collaboration and accountability. Individuals thrive in this environment when they are adequately empowered to work and live at the intersection of high performance and purpose. The place where willingness and contribution are unlocked and work becomes meaningful in pursuit of personal excellence.

 Becoming aware of, understanding and regulating emotions and feelings empowers individuals to recognize and correct self-limiting and unresourceful thought patterns and unlock self-esteem and personal effectiveness.

At Corethentic, we believe that outstanding individuals display three key attributes:

  • A deliberate resolve to empower themselves and others
  • Benevolence in their actions towards others deriving from a spirit of gratitude, generosity and courage
  • The capacity to perceive change as an opportunity for personal growth and mastery.

This workshop is designed to inspire individuals to pursue personal excellence through developing the above three attributes.

During this workshop participants will:

  • Learn about the effects of emotions, beliefs and cognitive distortions on self-esteem and how these can impede personal effectiveness in relationships with others
  • Explore various self-empowerment models to encourage individuals to pursue meaning and personal fulfillment in their work and their everyday lives  
  • Consider how and why new and unfamiliar circumstances and challenges present opportunities for personal growth and mastery.

Who will benefit from attending this workshop?

Everyone! Because remarkable things happen when employees are inspired and enabled to thrive at the intersection of high performance and purpose.

This workshop is extremely impactful when delivered in combination with the Leadership Excellence (Care and Growth) workshops for leaders - producing synergy as leaders and their team members concurrently shift their intent from taking to giving. This enables a common philosophy towards benevolence, contribution, accountability and excellence to emerge throughout the organization.

Workshop format

This is a one-day workshop. The ideal workshop size is 16 - 20 participants.

* Due to popular demand, this content is also available in a 45-minute inspirational keynote format for conference audiences.

Workshop content

This workshop teaches important skills and attributes relating to self-empowerment and personal effectiveness as it examines key principles and philosophies relating to human behavior and personal excellence.

In this workshop we will:

  • Explore the Thrive model to recognize personal mastery at the intersection of high performance and purpose
  • Learn how and why emotions and thought patterns impact personal effectiveness and discover the powerful Mind the Gap model 
  • Consider personal effectiveness in group interactions and establish the criteria relating to group success (contribution, collaboration and communications)
  • Learn key communications mastery skills (listening, building rapport, body language and feedback)
  • Explore models relating to self-empowerment and empowering others to cultivate excellence and accountability
  • Discover Schuitema’s Intent thematic and consider its application within the context of personal mastery.