We are operating in times of disruption. Complexity and uncertainty are a given and the pace of change is faster than ever before, exponentially so. It is survival of the fittest, fastest, best and cheapest. We are asking our people to do more, with less.

Business owners and leaders are crying out for help. They are trying to stay alive, to stay relevant and look for new ways to continue to grow and to profit - and they know this is likely to come at a cost - to their people and their culture.

Success in the current business environment requires innovation, agility, courage and accountability. Individuals thrive in this environment when they are adequately empowered to work at the intersection of high performance and purpose. A place where willingness and contribution is unlocked and work becomes meaningful in pursuit of personal excellence.

When we are able to find significance in who we are, through the value we contribute in our lifetime - we become true masters of our circumstances.

The time is now - to empower your people to regard change as an opportunity for personal growth and to pursue excellence in the work they do, and in their everyday lives. Because whilst we cannot control what is happening “out there”, we do have full control over ourselves. Start there.

We get to choose our relationship with change. Do we let it push us into an unresourceful state of helplessness and inertia, or do we courageously take on change as a necessary occasion for personal growth and mastery?

Ultimately, we get to choose…

At Corethentic we believe the three key attributes displayed by outstanding individuals are:

01     A deliberate resolve to empower themselves and others

02     A willingness to shoulder responsibility by acting with a spirit of generosity and courage

03     The capacity to perceive change and responsibility as an opportunity for personal growth and mastery.

This keynote is designed to inspire participants to shift their perceptions regarding disruption and embrace change as an opportunity for inimitable growth and personal transformation.

During this keynote audiences will:

  • Consider effective decision making on a risk continuum to recognize ones reluctance to boldly move to action
  • Discover the Schuitema Intent Model to enable meaning and personal fulfillment at work and in their everyday lives
  • Learn how new and unfamiliar circumstances and challenges present opportunities for personal growth and mastery.

Target audience:


Because remarkable things happen when employees are inspired and enabled to thrive at the intersection of high performance and purpose.

Keynote details:

Duration: 45-min (a 3-hour deep-dive workshop is also available).